ATX SaaS Connect: FUNDA’s Texas Meetup for Desi Entrepreneurs & Executives

Austin, Texas

Friday, May 10, 2024

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM (CST)

Join us for an enriching evening at ATX SaaS Connect, where innovation meets influence. Designed for Indian entrepreneurs, investors, and C-suite executives, this exclusive FUNDA meetup offers unparalleled networking opportunities in Texas’ thriving SaaS landscape.

Why Attend?

  • Connect with founders of leading VC-backed Product companies such as MobileIron, NetSkope, and ServiceMax.
  • Gain Insights from top industry leaders, including executives from Airbase and Turing.
  • Learn from the success stories of pioneers like Sanjeev K. Singh, CEO of Zenwork, who recently led a $163 million equity transaction.

Featured Sessions:

  • Venture Capital Outlook by experts from S3, 42VC, and Dallas VC.
  • Corporate Development Strategies with leading Corp Dev professionals.
  • Keynote Address by Sanjeev K. Singh, discussing non-traditional funding paths and digital compliance innovations.

Special Thanks:

  • Venue Sponsor: Brown Advisory - providing the sophisticated space at Indeed Tower.
  • Catering Sponsor: Dallas VC Team - ensuring delightful culinary experiences.

Meet Our Organizers:


The Founder's Ally in Startup Growth and Collaboration

​In the startup realm, every step is a challenge, with the most brutal battles often fought in isolation. FUNDA is an ally to entrepreneurs, recognizing that some guidance can make a monumental difference.

  • For Founders:
    • Navigate the startup landscape with insights into identifying the right challenges.
    • Achieve Product-Market Fit (PMF) and develop robust Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies.
    • Scale effectively with proven tactics and bespoke investment guidance.
    • Cultivate critical connections for customer acquisition and strategic partnerships.
  • For Investors:
    • Spot thriving startups and extraordinary talent within our vetted network.
    • Stay ahead of the curve on the latest startup trends and investment opportunities.
  • For Executives:
    • Lead with innovation by adopting cutting-edge products and technologies early.
    • Influence the industry with forward-thinking strategies and partnerships.
  • For Corporate Development:
    • Discover potential alignments that resonate with your corporate goals and objectives.

​FUNDA is more than a community; it's a space where shared backgrounds become the bedrock for future collaborations. It's about fostering a culture where wisdom becomes communal, and a collective effort can lead to exceptional creations.

See you at ATX SaaS Connect on May 10th!

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