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Our vision is to create a thriving
ecosystem where founders are supported, making the startup journey enjoyable
with fellow travelers to
celebrate successes.


Our mission is to assemble a select, high-quality network comprising founders, venture capitalists, angel investors, startup advisors, corporate development experts, and executives from India, fostering magic within the startup community.

Everything about a startup is difficult, the biggest battle founders fight is the one they fight alone.

A little help in figuring out the right problem to go after, figuring out PMF, crafting GTM strategy & communication, scaling tactics, investment guidance and acquisition knowhow can go a long way.

We all have shared/similar background, let’s take it one step further. Let’s find reasons to collaborate, help each other with wisdom and show a community can spur creations!


Get guidance, design partners, investment advice, customers and partnerships


Find thriving startups, phenomenal founders and latest startup trends


Lead the industry as an early adopter with the new products and technologies

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Discover the startup that could align well with the corporate objectives